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Ann is an artist who uses traditional and modern materials to create vibrant, contemporary paintings and hand-finished, limited edition, fine art prints. Her style of painting ranges from realistic to semi-abstract and seeks to capture the emotions that resonate with given times and places. In addition to her art, Ann’s work now includes a stylish, design-led, brand of greetings cards and stationery. The items are produced using materials and images that seek to deliver in terms of colour, quality and sustainability.

Artist’s statement

Drawn to the extraordinary in the everyday, I am inspired by the possibilities of creating a painting that takes the viewer beyond a representational image and into an interpretation of it using abstraction of shapes and shading.

Through my painting I am looking to capture a unique mood and sense of a place, be it in landscape or still life, and by looking beyond the obvious to portray the uniqueness of a subject by moving from direct observation to imagination.


Yellow Gerberas Detail

Open Studios Cornwall

28 May to 05 June 2022. I will be taking part in Open Studios Cornwall this year and hope to see you then at Studio 105, Krowji.

Dark Distance

Bath Society of Artists

Thrilled that Dark in the Distance has been selected and will form part of this year’s exhibition.

Derbyshire Moors

Swindon Art Gallery Open

Darbyshire Moors will be on show as part of the Open Exhibition this year at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, from 20 November to 03 January.

Ann Cracknell Studio

South West Fine Art Academy

South West of England Academy of Fine and Applied Arts Annual Exhibition 2019. Delighted to have had two pieces of work select. The exhibition is at Exeter Castle from 12th to 23rd November.

Farm with Orange Barn

NT Claydon House

People’s Landscape Exhibition. Delighted that Farm with Orange Barn has been awarded Third Prize in the exhibition and found a new home too.


Ann Cracknell Studio

Making Marks

“Great thins are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent van Gogh. For me making marks is starting to paint without thinking.

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Bye Bye Summer

Bye Bye Summer

The seasons have crept up on us (again) here in Britain. We are enjoying something of an “Indian Summer” while the rich colours of Autumn start to appear.

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